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I just spent the last ten days in Trenton, NJ with Stephanie Plum, Joe Morelli, Ranger, Grandma Mazur, Lula and Bob. What a wonderful little world Janet Evanovich has created with her novels. I read all 14 books and the 3 holiday novellas -- for the second time. The first 11 books and Visions of Sugar Plums were read right after Boo was born so I didn't remember a lot of the stories (though they do run together after a few) so for the most part it was like reading them for the first time.

Favorite book(s):
One For the Money -- I love how Morelli was brought back into Stephanie's life and the introductions of all of the characters. I laughed at how different Ranger is in that book. Not very mysterious at all and sort of wimpy (at least in my mind's eye).

Four to Score -- I liked the pace of this book and the fact that we finally see Morelli and Steph acting on the attraction. I'm a BIG Morelli fan. *g*

Fearless Fourteen -- I won't give away anything since the book only came out last month, but I really believe this is probably the best of all of them. Most importantly I love the way Janet wrote Joe's character as well as his and Steph's interaction. Plus there were a lot of laughs.

Plum Lucky -- OMG I don't even know where to begin with this one. Seriously. I laughed the whole way through the book and was left with wanting more when I finished. One can never have enough Diesel. Thank goodness Plum Spooky is going to be a full length Between the Numbers book because I'll need a huge Diesel fix by then and it's set during if you hear lots of squeeing coming from Pennsylvania in January you'll know why. It's just too bad that Diesel won't be in any of the numbered books (I asked over at her website) because I'm really tired of Steph not being able to choose between Morelli and Ranger. Why not insert some new blood into the mix. *g*

Twelve Sharp, Lean Mean Thirteen and Plum Lovin' are honorable mentions.

Least favorite book(s):
Hard Eight -- I'd probably like it more if it weren't for a certain scene where Ranger collects on Steph's "debts".

Twelve Sharp -- I know I have it as an honorable mention in my favorites, but there's a bit in there with Ranger and Stephanie before Joe decides to move into Steph's place (and it's a good thing he did!!!!) that just bugs me and makes me dislike Ranger and want to slap Steph.

Favorite character(s): Stephanie, Joe, Ranger, Grandma Mazur, Lula, Bob, Rex, Tank, Hal, Connie, Mooner, Sally Sweet and most definitely Diesel (yum!!!)

Honorable mention goes to Steph's neighbors in her apartment building

Least favorite character(s): Albert Kloughn, Valerie Plum, Vinnie Plum, Dickie Orr and Joyce Barnhardt

Favorite pairing(s): Just the one...Stephanie and Joe Morelli. Joe's the man, hands down. Yes Ranger is dark, mysterious and sexy, but definitely not the settling down type. I think I love Joe the most because he's a man after my own heart -- beer and pizza are his food of choice and he watches hockey (even if it's the Rangers). Then of course there's the fact that he's adopted Bob and will take care of Rex when Stephanie's brought him over to the house. I just adore Steph and Joe's comfortableness together and how well they know one another. Then of course there's the one line that Joe says that has cemented it for me. When Steph asks him to take care of Rex if something happens to her, Joe tells her that he wouldn't be in any shape to take care of Rex because they'd have to strap him down and sedate him if something happened to her. He loves her -- and not "in his own way".

I've decided that I want to be just like Stephanie when I grow up. I want to kick ass, take names and then maybe think about running away when an apprehension goes wrong. She's not fearless, but she's tenacious and determined. Really, Stephanie Plum is a fantastic female fictional character and we really don't have enough of those. It's too bad Tri-Star is being an idiot because I think they're really missing out on bringing these characters to the big, or small, screen.

Is it January yet?

Date: 2008-07-28 12:10 am (UTC)
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I am totally a Morelli fan! And OMG that horrible dog he's saddled with...and his crazy family! He definitely loves Stephanie unconditionally.

I've listened to most of these as books on tape/cd but really should go back and actually read them in order. So much fun!

Date: 2008-07-28 04:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh definitely go back and read them!! If it weren't for the fact that I have other things to do right now, I think I'd read them for a third time. :)

And YAY! to another Morelli fan!!

Date: 2008-07-28 12:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh girlfriend! I so agree with you!

I am a Joe fan too. I knew someone back in the day who even looked like Joe is described...I had such a huge crush on him! It also helps that I'm half Italian just like Steph. Mmmmm, Morelli!!!!

I've been collecting these books too (albeit in paperback) so I haven't read #14 yet. And I've not read the between the numbers except for Plum Lovin'. I'm ashamed to say I didn't realize they were Step books.

I plan to go to the bookstore after next week (my last week of working summer school!) and purchasing the between the numbers books. I'll wait til #14 comes out in paperback. Then I plan to re-read them all!!!!

I'm thrilled we have something more in common...what with me being obsessed lately with Dr. Who and David Tennant. ;)

Date: 2008-07-28 04:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mmmmm, Morelli!!!!

Oh yes. Every time he comes on the scene I just have to grin and be all happy about it. I like Ranger too, I just don't like him for Steph, but I can understand her attraction to him. He's the bad boy that we all secretly want.

I've been collecting these books too (albeit in paperback) so I haven't read #14 yet.

Fearless Fourteen won't be out in paperback until next June. Can you wait that long??? By then Fifteen will be out. :D

And I've not read the between the numbers except for Plum Lovin'.

I'm not a huge fan of "Visions of Sugar Plums" because it's such a departure from the norm of things -- too much weirdness when it comes to Diesel and the Unmentionables. Definitely purchase the Between the Numbers books!! You'll love "Plum Lucky"!! I laughed the whole way through and Diesel is definitely yummy in that one -- though I loved how he sent Steph flowers in "Plum Lovin'" at the end.

I'm thrilled we have something more in common...what with me being obsessed lately with Dr. Who and David Tennant.

YAY! There's nothing wrong with being obsessed with Doctor Who and David Tennant. We should really have a chat when you're done with summer school. Are you on AIM or YIM?

Date: 2008-07-28 02:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"I've decided that I want to be just like Stephanie when I grow up" As long as you have better luck with cars! I admit I skipped the between the numbers books because they were just too fantastical (not that the numbered ones are sticking close to fact...) what with fairies appearing in Steph's living room. I wonder how long it will take me to get a hold of 14 from the library??

Date: 2008-07-28 04:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL! I totally forgot about the cars because I think I've grown used to them exploding or dying in some other tragic way. :D

I wasn't too excited about "Visions of Sugar Plums" because it was such a huge departure from the norm, but I've come to love Diesel and overlook the fantastical just to have him around. "Plum Lucky" wasn't really all that fantastical, so you may enjoy that one more. To me it was more about the funny than anything.

"Fearless Fourteen" is definitely the best. I'm sure your local library should have it by now. Definitely check! You'll be happy you did.

Date: 2008-07-28 02:29 pm (UTC)
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I just finished "Fearless Fourteen" and have to agree it's one of her best. Although I disliked thirteen so I could be biased. Although I've been a hard-core ranger fan I think Fourteen tipped me to the Morelli side. He was adorable in this. But they never resolved Lulu's story! I guess they're leaving that for Fifteen.

Have you seen "In Plain Sight" on USA? It is very Plumesque - competent, hardcore but sort-of-not U.S. Marshall; wacky family; hot, conflicting guys; crazy's really fun.

Date: 2008-07-28 04:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I liked Thirteen because Morelli had to babysit Dickie. It just made me giggle that the current boyfriend had to babysit the ex-husband -- plus he couldn't tell Steph about it. I thought maybe she would be more pissed off at Joe than she was, but maybe she's just used to Joe having to keep his work from her.

Although I've been a hard-core ranger fan I think Fourteen tipped me to the Morelli side. He was adorable in this.

YAY! He really was adorable in Fourteen. I think he's resigned himself to the fact that loving Stephanie comes with weirdness. I really hope that he's coming closer to proposing to Steph and that she's coming closer to accepting. I know Janet has said she doesn't want to tie Steph down yet, but that she'll eventually end up with Joe (that was a while ago before she started trying to play mysterious -- she has said more recently that she knows who Steph is going to wind up with).

I think Ranger is the bad boy that we all secretly wish we had.

I haven't seen "In Plain Sight" but I've heard good things about it. Over on Janet's site she was asked if IPS was a take off on the Plum books, but she said it wasn't. Like I said, Tri-Star needs to get off their asses and either sign away the rights or do something with them. I'd love for it to be a TV series because I think there's so much there to sustain a series instead of one shot movies.

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