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As someone who swore they'd never enjoy Doctor Who again without David Tennant, I have to eat my words. I went into this series with immense trepidation -- I didn't want to watch a Doctor who looked about 12 and had a companion that looked about that age too. Well, guess what?

I didn't hate it!

In fact, I enjoyed it. A lot. So much more than I ever expected to, or wanted to for that matter.

Dare I say it? Dare this staunch Ten supporter utter the following words without being shunned by her fellow Ten-fiends? Oh, hell, why not. Wait for it...waaaaaaaait for it..................I'm already a fan of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. I know, right?!?! I'm so cheating on Ten with Eleven. I love the energy that Matt Smith brings to Eleven. He's manic, like DT was when he first started, but MS also plays it with a smidge of wisdom instead of with an edge of darkness -- at least in this episode. And because of that, I'm looking forward to seeing what else he brings to the table.

While I enjoyed the storyline, the acting, and the writing, I did have a couple nitpicks...

I dislike the new opening credits. While I don't mind the change in the music -- it's good to mix it up -- I'm just not keen on the "wormhole" effect with the TARDIS being struck by lightning. I'm pretty sure Boo will agree with me once I let him watch it. Then again, he's 4 and resilient, not set in his ways yet like his mother. Of one thing I'm absolutely sure, Boo will want the new sonic screwdriver. Oh, yes. I can tell you right now, I'll have to pick one up while I'm at Polaris in July.

Also, the inside of the TARDIS felt so alien to me. New Doctor, new sonic screwdriver, new companion and new's a lot to take in all at once. I totally get why, but it's still a bit overwhelming to have so much change at once. I miss the coral "desktop theme". The blue/green/pinkish glow was comforting and everything had soft edges. This is all metal and steel and hardness and harsh lighting. ::sniff:: I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it's just one more reminder that my Doctors are gone. There's nothing left of them now. Moffet has taken it all away and it makes me a little sad.'s still not enough to keep me from watching this new regeneration/incarnation.

Anyway, I give it TWO thumbs up and maybe a couple of big toes with it. I've gotta hand it to the new team for making me enjoy something I swore with every fiber of my being that I would loathe. Bring on the rest of Series 5. I'm so ready!

Now, please excuse me while I run off to find an Eleven icon that simply says, "The Doctor".
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