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I went through my closet on Sunday and cleared out the second wave of "too big" items - left over size 18/20 skirts and pants that I just couldn't part with during my first purge. I tried them on to see if maybe I could get away with keeping them because they were mostly elastic waist bands. Not a chance. So out they went. On one hand, I was sad because the skirts were really pretty. On the other hand, I was like, "WOOHOO! SHOPPING TIME!"

I stopped by Old Navy last night since they're having sales. I only buy things on sale. I'm cheap like that. I found a pair of black dress pants, but unfortunately they didn't have the size I thought I needed (I wanted a 14, they only had a 12). I figured I'd try on the 12 for giggles because there was no way in hell they'd ever fit. I just wanted to see how close I was - or not as the case may be. As I pulled on those pants, I realized with MUCH surprise that they fit. The only thing I didn't like was they were a bit tight in the thighs. I had the hubby go grab the size 14 in Navy blue. They fit perfectly in the thighs, but the waist was too big. I'm at that in between stage. I have 13 lbs to go to goal which means that I would probably fit those size 12's just fine - when I reach goal.

OMG, GUYS!!! I FIT INTO A SIZE 12!!!!! I haven't worn a 12 since college in the 80's/90's.

The funny thing is, I weigh significantly more now than I did then, so either sizes have evolved (which I'm sure is the case), or my body has changed. I suppose it doesn't matter. BECAUSE I FIT INTO A SIZE 12! WOOHOO!!! ::joins Numfar in the dance of joy::

P.S. Does anyone still have the Numfar dance of joy icon? I can't find mine. Boo.
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