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And I liked it. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the book considering I'd heard so many mixed reviews. When the hype started, I'd decided that I could do without reading it. I'm not a bandwagon person (unless you count hometown sports) and I tend to shy away from things that everyone loses their minds over. This time, I made an exception. I was curious.

So, after devouring Twilight in two days, I went out last night and bought the other three books. I've heard the criticisms about them, but again, if I start something, I'm damn well going to finish it AND I'm curious.

What exactly did I like about Twilight?
  • I liked Edward...not enough to jump into the "OMG HE'S SO HOT I WANT THE SPARKLY VAMPIRE" group. I'm intrigued, especially with his gift of being able to read minds. I also enjoyed his struggle with his feelings for Bella and the "If I'm already going to hell, I may as well go all the way."

  • The Cullens. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better and learning about their pasts.

  • The Tracker storyline which was a lot more interesting to me than the young love bit, but that's personal taste.

  • Meyer's fresh take on the vampire legends - it's creative and she's made it her own. I respect and admire that -- though I could have done without the sparkle motion.

  • The true-to-life portrayal of a teenaged girl's first love, the overwhelming need to be with that other person 24/7 and the fact that everything else fades away. I remember how I was at that age, falling in love for the first time and wanting nothing more than the rest of the world to go away so that I could be with my boyfriend uninterrupted. While I didn't necessarily always like Bella, I could relate to her situation with her family so I bought into her emo-ness and lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

What didn't I like about Twilight?
  • I thought the first few chapters were choppy, like the author didn't know where she was going or how she was getting to where she wanted to be. But once I got past that first bit of awkwardness of those chapters, I felt like Meyer found her voice and the story began to flow.

  • Bella constantly referring to Edward and his family as beautiful or "insert similar descriptor here". It became so annoying that I started skipping over those words. I GET IT, he's gorgeous and flawless. I didn't need to hear it every time Edward or his family appeared. Ugh. It took me right out of the story to the point that I was rolling my eyes so far back in my head I could see behind me.

  • Bella's lack of development. As soon as she meets Edward everything else about her ends. There's no more interaction with Jessica and Angela, or the rest of her friends, because she obsesses over Edward 24/7. Again, even though I can relate, it's my age which made me want to reach through book and slap her around. Even though we are privy to knowing that a garnet is her favorite gemstone, she instead tells Edward that her favorite is currently the color of his eyes. In fact, even though Edward asks question after question about her likes and dislikes, we as the reader never get to hear her answers so it makes it harder for us to get a complete picture of her.

  • The fact that the Cullens (minus Rosalie) are suddenly all about Bella. I know the story is told from Bella's point of view, but her acceptance into their lives and their fierce protection of her seemed too easy to me. I know Alice said that they've seen the changes in Edward and that Bella didn't, but I as the reader would have liked to have seen those changes as well. Perhaps this is answered in the following books?

Despite the above listed dislikes, I really did enjoy the story once it go moving. Now I'm off to read the rest of the series (which is freaking huge! o.0).
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