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I have to say, I really enjoyed that episode -- watched it twice! I think Donna is exactly what Ten needs to keep him in line and I adore how they bicker like brother and sister, though they are mistaken as a married couple because of it.

Donna is very feisty and isn't going to take crap from anyone. This is very apparent when she's kidnapped by the Sisters. They have her tied up with the knife moments from striking and all the while she's being sassy and snarky. I like her a lot.

"I am Spartacus!"
"So am I."

Made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed the water gun scene as well.

There weren't as many funny moments this week as there were last week, but this week's situation was far more severe than little fat marshmallows running around.

I loved the bit with the Soothsayers: "She is returning!" I want to know more and I want to know who! (though I suspect I already know!!) And I wonder what the man meant when he told Donna that she had something on her back. Does this mean she's not going to survive this season?? That would be a waste of a wonderful character.

My heart broke for Ten when he realized that he was the reason Vesuvius exploded. And when Donna put her hands on the lever with him I wanted to weep. She knew that it meant killing 20,000 people, along with herself and the Doctor, but she did it. I also wanted to pet the poor Doctor when he said he couldn't go back to Gallifrey to save his people, but he would if he could.

Oh! And I LOVED how they referred back to Captain Jack's quote, "It's volcano day!" I'd forgotten completely about Jack telling us in series 1 of DW that he was at Pompeii close to the time the volcano exploded. I think it would have been brilliant if they had put him in the background, maybe in the market scenes. I mean, how hard could it have been to go across the hall and tell Barrowman he was needed on the set of Who for a quick scene? Then again, they did film this in Rome, so maybe it would have been a little harder to do. LOL

All in all, I give this ep 4 sonic screwdrivers. I'm loving Donna.
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